Latest Work

Latest Work

We are rubenpaulruben.


A creative production house.


And we’re often asked: “Uhm, Ruben, Paul, or Ruben. How did you come up with that name? Why not something like 24/7 videos? Dimension Six Productions? Or Blind Chameleon Cinematography?”


We're making it personal... that's why. Whether we’re making a film, lunch or music. Behind the camera, directing, or in our sweet editing suites. All three of us are equally versatile. With our own talent, complementary to each other. That’s how we handle any film project. The small, the big, the soon as possible. Vlogs, shorts and brand campaigns. 

We think, talk and make film. So whether you’re looking for Paul, Ruben and Ruben. Ruben, Ruben and Paul. Or simply rubenpaulruben. It’s us.